You choose the height, we choose the mountains!

Everything is possible in the Silvretta region in the Paznaun valley - get to the top of a 3,000-meter peak (9,842 ft) with or without a mountain guide. At our place we offer numerous activities to make your vacation an event to remember:

skittles, lodge nights, barbecue parties, children afternoons; lantern, Alpine flowers and glacier hikes.

Meet nature!

Our wonderful mountain world beckons - only here you can experience an atmosphere like this. Enjoy the beauty of nature in all its forms. Not only for climbers! Hiking trails without extremely steep slope make the mountain accesible for everyone.

Hay fever and house dust mites are unknown in Galtür!

The vacation town of Galtür is the first climatic spa in Tyrol. Blooming trees, undulating fields of grain and an abundance of flowers are not to everyone's liking. Persons suffering from pollen allergy will already notice a swelling of mucous membrane just by reading this. But these can be helped. 

Among other things, Galtür has been specializing on these visitors. Galtür is situated at an altitude of 1,500 - 1,700 m (4,921 - 5,577 ft), which in itself ensures minimum pollen flight. Only for a brief time during hay harvest in July the pollen concentration in the air increases slightly.

Motorcycle tours

Especially Tyrol with its winding roads it ideally suited to experience motorcycling in a special way. There are beautiful spots in every valley. Starting from Galtür right at the beginning of th eSilvretta High Alpine Road, you'll get into the country (Vorarlberg) via Zeinisjoch.

There just isn't enough room here to list all possible tours. The major destinations are:

  • North Tyrolean Alpine and Pass Roads
  • South Tyrolean Alpine and Pass Roads
  • Vorarlberg and Lake Constance
  • The Inn valley and its sights

You can reach Tyrol via motorway. From the border we recommend you use federal (Bundesstraßen) roads.